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Physical Education


I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors Degree in Education in 1990.   While at C.M.U., I majored in Physical Education, with a Minor in Art Education.  I continue my education yearly, renewing my professional Certification with continuing workshops, seminars, and web-based educational programs and resources.


I was originally hired by Bear Lake Schools in N.W. Michigan (Manistee County) in 1990.  There, I taught 26 preps in 13 years, some of the classes I taught were K-9th Grade P.E., 9th grade "health" (which had NEVER been taught before, and to which I was one of the founding chairpersons to develop the curriculum).  K-5th Computer classes, fifth  grade math and reading (both upper, and remedial levels),   I also taught an Art class from K-5th grade, that I note with TREMENDOUS pride, has been hugely praised by students up to this year STILL!  One stating  "I learned more in your elementary Art class than I did in all my High School Art classes!"

I was hired by Gadsden County schools for the 2005-2006 school year to teach K-5th Grade "Special Areas Math" (as an auxiliary Math Coach) at Stewart Street Elementary School.  In 2006-2007 I was asked to teach 5th grade Science and Social Studies.  Since the 2007-2008 school year, I have been the P.E. "Coach" at Stewart Street.


     Hello there!  Thank you for visiting my Bio Page!  I have enjoyed learning and playing games all my life.  I love being active, and try to share that with ALL the children that I see! 

Personally, one of my favorite activities is Running.  I began running longer distances in the 4th grade, as I was inspired by Dave Wottle during his race at the 1972 Olympics.  (it's an amazing race, watch it on You Tube!!!).

If you live inside the city limits of Quincy, I have jogged past your house!  Yes, EVERY block, of EVERY street!!

     I have also done a lot of biking and swimming around the area. In 2006 I attempted the Florida Ironman Triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and then a 26.2 mile run), but didn't make the time cut off.  I trained even harder in 2008, and finished in under 17 hours.

     I have also enjoyed climbing just about anything most of my life, including climbing mountains, (Grand Teton, and Pikes Peak, and as of July 2017, Snowpatch Spire, in the Bugaboo Mountains of British Columbia, Canada).  I've also walked all 24 hours in a Relay For Life, Have swum in the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and even swam in the Atlantic ocean in Rhode Island on January first!  Yes, it was cold! 

     I believe that part of life is about challenging one's self.  I do NOT try to make every child a "superstar athlete".  There can be only one winner in an event, so making THAT the most important thing would be foolish!  Instead, I try to instill in them the joy of movement, the excitement of friendly competition, but above all else, the importance of proper social behavior by the demonstration of SPORTSMANSHIP!  

 Winning is nice, but a challenge is exciting!

   So what else do I do, besides "playing with kids" at Stewart Street Elementary School?

05-06: Started teaching at Morning Enrichment, which I have continued to do, ever since.  Also worked on the P.A. system on the stage, Media Center storage areas, and cleaned/reorganized the Auxiliary Math Portable. In my first year, I volunteered to become the Mustang Mascot, and have marched in every parade since then.  Also, I began tree and bush trimming all around the school grounds. "After school" Flag Football volunteer coach, and removed all staples, pins and nails from the Stage floor, all stage curtains, and many of the classroom doors around the school. Organized a massive school-wide "Rock pick up" to make our playground safer, and trash pick up around playground field, installed pull-up bars, drainage and sod placement around school, cut down 8 large trees that were limiting observation along the side of the playground, and also posed a safety hazard.

06-07 Submitted request for wood chip impact material for playground,  Made first map of playground, placed the 4 large white 55 gallon plastic barrels around playground field , (after measuring out a 1/4 mile loop on the play field), Placed two HUGE tractor tires onto play area, and was "Green Slimed" for a reading challenge by the three top Mustang readers!

07-08  Fencing installed at far N.E. corner of playground, Leveling of playground and installation of 8 tractor trailer loads of wood chips.  "jungle" by basketball court cut down, 40 loose tires added to playground for creative games by students, Head shaved for Accelerated Reader Contest.

08-09 The Ten Tire Bouncer on playground got additional supports installed, Jump Rope for Heart, Created a County-wide P.E. equipment trade between the schools, Cut down many trees along the East side of playfield.  Repaired Choir "risers" for student concerts on stage, CHAMPIONS started!  Worked with Maintenance Dept during summer break.

09-10 Tether ball poles installed, repaired black gutter roof drain plugs above sidewalk between office and cafeteria, locked up handicap swing - now only available for teachers with students with mobility issues, wall by electrical panel repaired, and phone/internet jacks moved in portable for added safety. 

10-11 Third Tether ball pole added, trees around Kindergarten Pod trimmed, poured sidewalk ramp extension by portable's sidewalk. dug out multiple drainage lines for rain water run-off, organized far back audio video room in media center, drilled holes in both sides of all 40 tires on playground for improved water drainage.

11-12 created under sidewalk drain line by large A.C. units between buildings 3 and 4, cut back and trimmed along entire north fence line, all trees, bushes and vine debris raked, submitted request for re-paving of basketball court, poured more concrete to assist/route rain water roof drainage.  Updated playground/school map

12-13  The biggest news was our basketball court was resurfaced!  The Maintenance dept. did a GREAT job!!!  Our red benches were also more properly secured, along with professionally painted basketball marking lines.  

13-14  Final (?) revision of hand drawn map of school, buildings, playground, parking lots, and surrounding areas..  ALL school P.E. records updated from 1st-5th grade!!

14-15  Pointed out to landscaping crew that there is an excellent place for our landscape debris to be placed to promote composting on site, and to help limit cost of Debris hauling/removal.  Began a "water bottle" incentive program to encourage and motivate students during Champions.  

15-16  Re-drilled all holes in in playground tires.  Reset dozens of nails and screws conserver  playground structures.  Created list of SAFE climbing challenges on playground.  More trimming of small saplings along playground nearest to woodchip area.

16-17 Began Morning enrichment with 2nd Grade.   Helped to clear out some of storage areas next to the stage.  Purchasing a "Sure 58" microphone!  (This is an industry standard, Professionally used, excellent sounding microphone, and nearly indestructible!!)  This should last for YEARS!!  Repaired Playground stage area by using automotive "floor jack" to raise joists and reattach the joists to southern main support beam.  


17-18 Continued 2nd Grade Morning enrichment with Ms Holton's, and Ms Thompson's classes.  I purchased another "SM 58" microphone.  I have helped to keep our school's web site updated.  Purchased a "Green Screen" video system for our Media Room for the students to create computerized backgrounds on the schools video system.  I also donated my Dr. Suess collection to our school library, and will be donating a couple of young adult series of books (The Dark is Rising, and The Indian in the Cupboard) to Shanks Middle School, along with the complete collection of Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries (18 books)